Playing online casino games is easier than ever due to the improved technology that has led to accessibility. New additions such as mobile casinos, 3D slots, VR sweepstakes games took the entertainment level of the casino games to the next level. Recently, crypto casino platforms started to pop up on our feeds, and there are thousands of players who want to learn about these platforms. 

The Fear of Missing Out is the real deal, and the only way to maximize your gains is through embracing new phenomena like crypto casino river sweeps games. A decade ago, no one would believe that a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin would reach even 100 bucks, and people who have an idea about this digital asset mainly looked at it as a joke. 

After ten years, we had seen the biggest run of Bitcoin when it reached its all-time high at 62.000 dollars back in April. The previous bull cycle increased the demand toward Bitcoin as well as altcoins, and the overall value of the crypto market went as high as 4 trillion dollars. 

Some people like to stake their coins, day trade them, or use them as a traditional currency in platforms where it is accepted. For those of you who fall into the third group, this article will definitely be useful as we are going to discuss the four main aspects that you need to know about crypto casino platforms in case you decide to make use of those coins and enjoy sweepstakes games online. 

Guide on Crypto Casino Platforms

Playing online casino games is relatively a new practice, and right now, we expect players to understand something so complicated like cryptocurrencies and adjust their playing styles. However, as we discuss certain parameters, you will understand the key points about crypto casino platforms, which will ultimately help you to enroll in one of them and enjoy crypto gaming. 

#1 So, How to Start Your Journey At Crypto Casino Platforms? 

Crypto Casino

Just like in regular sweeps cash casinos, you need to register at crypto casino platforms. Keep in mind that there are two major types of online gaming institutions when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The first one is a mixed casino where you can deposit and withdraw your funds through both crypto and traditional payment methods. 

In those platforms, cryptocurrencies are just another payment option like Visa, mobile pay, PayPal, and so on. On the other hand, there are also platforms that are solely based on cryptocurrencies and accept only certain coins like Dash, BTC, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, etc. Therefore, you need to find a casino that allows you to deposit and withdraw funds with the coins that you are comfortable using. 

After finding a platform, you will go through the registration process and link your gaming account to the eWallet in which you are holding your cryptocurrencies. From there, you are set to enjoy the best sweepstakes games and to be able to wager on those games, you should deposit some coins, which brings us to the second aspect about crypto casino platforms. 

#2 Depositing and Withdrawals

The only difference that you will see in crypto and regular casino websites is in terms of deposits in the transaction process. Unlike the regular transaction where you specify the 16 digit code and CVC of your card, for crypto transactions, you will need to copy and paste the wallet address of the gaming account. 

Keep in mind that the address should match the blockchain through which the transaction will happen. For instance, let’s say that you are sending USDT stable coin from your e-wallet to a gaming account. In that case, you need to specify whether or not you will use ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain, BEP 20 ( Binance Smart Chain), or TRC 20 (Tron Blockchain) for transactions. 

While depositing on the casino, you should set the network and paste the wallet address from which the coins will be transferred. After completing this stage, you need to go through confirmations and wait for the process to end. Usually, it can take up to 30 minutes to finalize your order. Keep in mind that if you pick the wrong network or send the coins to a different wallet, your funds will be lost. So, make sure to double-check the details before proceeding to press the confirm button. 

For withdrawals, you need to go through a similar process. However, at that stage, instead of sending funds from your eWallet to your gaming account wallet, you will do the opposite. For more details, you need to check the instructions on the particular sweepstakes platform that you want to play the internet sweepstakes games. 

#3 Legality

Crypto Casino

It is a little bit complicated issue for crypto casino platforms as not every country allows players to enjoy sweepstakes games. However, the crypto side is even more questionable because of the local and international regulations towards them. 

The use of cryptocurrencies is not allowed in certain countries like China which banned Bitcoin in recent weeks. On the other hand, in countries like the USA and Canada, you can buy, sell, hold, or even play riverslots games with the likes of Bitcoin. 

Most cryptocurrencies, in general, are not specifically prohibited in many countries, and there are only two jurisdictions that can handle the license for operating a crypto casino which is Curacao and UKGC. 

Final Thoughts

By utilizing the available opportunities in terms of crypto gambling, you can enjoy the best sweepstakes titles without worrying about safety because of the anonymity aspect that crypto casino platforms provide. 

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