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What Are the Features of BitBetWin Online Casino Software?

The online casino software of BitBetWin was developed by professionals inspired to create a product that can help you excel in the gambling business. By utilizing these available features, it would not be that hard for you to get effective results in a few months.

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Security Tools

We offer bulletproof security tools in the package of online casino software. As you will run a business that involves cash transactions and money transfer, it is critical to have cybersecurity tools that can save you and your customers from criminals. BitBetWin offers online casino software that uses encryption technology for cybersecurity. Besides this, you can also activate the two-step verification for users. Their personal information, credit card credentials, and the account would not be at risk through this feature. Every reliable casino platform should provide security services. Otherwise, customers will leave the platform and head to places where they can enjoy gambling games without any type of distraction. So, make sure that you are on the right side in terms of casino security


Random Number Generation System

We ensure that your gambling audience will play in a fair and secure environment through such tools. We added the RNG to the operating systems of the available online casino games. Regardless of the type or genre of the casino title that we are offering, all are tested and implemented through Random Number Generators. By employing this casino software, you will make sure that you pass all the RNG evaluations by respectable agencies. We have tested the games for full security system audit, casino game payout verification, mathematics, and the betting exchange evolution.


2D and 3D Gambling Game Design

We are designing high-quality online casino games and provide them to you through online casino software. Your customers will enjoy the prime gaming experience as all of our games offer high-quality graphics and visual interfaces. Both two and three-dimensional gambling titles are available in BitBetWin online casino software. From Keno to the video slot machines, you will have several different variations for each genre in these formats.

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Payment Method Processing

There are several different payment providers that we have collected in this online casino software. By signing the deal with BitBetWin, you will access all those payment solutions. We integrated various payment gateway systems that allow your future customers to utilize deposits and withdrawals using Visa/Master Cards, direct payments, mobile payments, e-wallets, and vouchers.

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Crypto Casino Solutions

In our online casino software, you will not only have simple payment methods but also you will access the crypto values. As you might know, crypto casino transactions are considered a safer method rather than the traditional one. All the details about players and their accounts can be kept away from cyber attackers as anonymity is the greatest strength that cryptocurrencies have. We utilized blockchain technology to ensure your future customers' safety in this online casino software.

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Availability of White Label and Turnkey Casino Software Solutions

In BitBetWin, you can find two separate options for online casino software. The first offer includes a white label casino solution. In this one, you will have a fully functional and ready product that can handle the tasks efficiently. There would be management, security, and reporting tools that will help you to run the online casino business smoothly. The casino games are the best part about white label gambling solutions because you will access the top casino titles through this package. On the other hand, we also offer turnkey casino software for those of you who want to build a customized platform.

Our Turnkey solution is a unique system that helps you to access unlimited customization opportunities. You will get the software script from BitBetWin, and the design of the software will be completely up to you. The key advantage of employing this type of gambling software is that it allows the customer to do the tasks efficiently and not become heavily dependent on a software provider. You will have full control over the front end HTML and design of the software product when you purchase this version.

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