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Online Fish Table games are unique skill-based sweepstakes games that allow players to earn considerable rewards. Playing fish arcade games has many advantages that you cannot simply miss. We offer

Exciting Themes

Thrilling battle scenes

Animation and 3D effects

Real Money payouts

And they are full of bonuses and promotions

Online fish games are an arcade-style shooting game that allows you to hunt fishes and earn cash prizes. These games are mainly played in multiplayer mode. However, you can still find exciting titles that enable single-player action.

fish table game online
fish tables online

How to Play Fish Arcade Games?

Playing online fish table games is easier than you think. Most of the time, players cannot switch from regular sweepstakes games to these and be successful at it at first try because there are some major differences. Fish arcades are considered a skill-based sweepstakes game that involves a little bit of luck in determining the winners.

To put it into perspective, the main goal of the game is to kill fishes and earn rewards per their value. However, while you are trying to aim at actively swimming fishes, you need to consider factors such as the speed, swimming pattern, size of the fish, and so on. In other words, it takes around a few hours at least for you to learn the basics about online fish tables and adjust to them.

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Depositing and Withdrawals

Depositing in fish arcades is very important as the size of the stake can determine how much you will win through killing certain fishes. There are three available options for players in most fish arcade games. The first option allows you to bet up to 9 coins per bullet and utilize only one gun. In the second option, players will get a shot at betting up to 90 coins and use two guns simultaneously. The last option will enable you to use three guns at the same time while depositing up to 1000 coins. To buy bullets directly, you need to transfer real money into your sweepstakes account or link your bank account to the system. As you hit the fish and earned the prize, the next thing that you need to do is withdraw the award. In fish arcades, withdrawals are taking less time than regular sweepstakes games. All you need to do is submit the request so that the sweepstakes operators can evaluate it. If it gets approved and you are eligible for withdrawals, the amount will be transferred to your bank account after a few hours.

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Wide Range of Options Available to You at BitBetWin

There are different types of fish table arcades and other genres of online sweepstakes games that you can find on this platform. We have agreements with top-tier sweepstakes game providers, which allows us to provide you with a rich and diverse gaming library.

Crab King

Crab King is one of the most popular fish arcade games you can access through BitBet Win. All you need to do in this game is to move the joystick and aim at the fishes you want to kill. By pressing the shoot button, one bullet would be fired. There are different kinds of fishes that you will encounter on this underwater journey. Some of them include the King Crab, Lightning Jellyfish, Golden Shark, Laser Crab, and many more small fishes.

The BOSS and the highest paying character in the game is Lobster. By killing the Lobster, you can achieve massacre and kill a few more small fishes around the BOSS. While doing so, you will multiply the rewards by the number of fishes you killed and the value of each fish added to the total price. The dark blue ocean and fascinating underwater battle scene are what make this game so much fun to play.

Depending on the level of the player, the number of cannons can range from two up to eight. Remember that the number of fishes you hunt in the game is not the factor you need to focus on. Rather than that, try to eliminate the high-paying characters to get the better value for each bullet you spend.



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