Crypto gambling is on the rise, and it feels like more and more players will take part in bitcoin casinos in upcoming years. The anonymity, safety, and speed of withdrawals are what separates them from traditional online casinos. In order to make transactions in crypto casinos, you need to be aware of the best crypto wallet options where you can hold your funds and transfer them to the casino accounts.

Therefore, we decided to come up with this guide and discuss various types of crypto wallets, as well as share the list of the best crypto wallet options for you. But before getting into that, let us explain different types of the best crypto wallets for those who are not so familiar with them. 

Types of The Best Crypto Wallets

There are several types of crypto wallets, whether you want to hold your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other altcoin in them. Depending on the type, the privacy issues and accessibility change dramatically. So, what are those types? 

Cloud-Based Crypto Wallets

These are most commonly used and one of the best crypto wallet types that you can utilize. It is relatively easier to learn how to use cloud-based crypto wallets whenever you decide to play online casino games. Cloud-based crypto wallets allow you to take charge of your account and control your funds through multi-device settings. 

That means, whether you have your PC or tablet with you, you can still make transitions on your phone by using this wallet type. Just like the advantages, there are some disadvantages that you need to know about these types of best crypto wallets. The main disadvantage here is that the user who is going to link his/her cloud-based crypto wallet to an online casino would not be able to control his/her private key. 

Your private key would be automatically encrypted on cloud storage which makes this option less secure. Encryption is great, but still, if you are going to play online gambling games, which means entering platforms where fraudulent hackers are active, it is not enough to keep your funds safe. 


Best Crypto Wallet

Mobile crypto wallets are another option if you would like to play the sweepstakes games online. These are convenient options as well, but they are limited to only mobile use. In terms of safety, mobile crypto wallets are safe because the encryption of the private key happens in the system, which means that they are kept in your phone in offline mode. So, the chances of your phone being hacked are far less than, let’s say, your cloud account being hacked. Therefore, mobile best crypto wallet options are generally considered to be safer. 


Desktop-based crypto wallets are another option for those who are searching for the best crypto wallet for online gambling. There are a number of advantages and some disadvantages to this type. Just like the mobile-based crypto wallets, the information and the private key are held locally in your device when you use desktop wallets.

On the other hand, personal computers and laptops are vulnerable when it comes to malware and viruses. That makes it less safe than the first two options. On top of that, it is not convenient for many people to drag their computers with them all the time to play online slots in crypto casinos. 

Hardware Wallets

Another option for players is hardware wallets. Keep in mind that this wallet type is generally designed for those who like to keep their cryptocurrency safe and hold it for longer periods. Therefore, it is not recommended for casino players who are going to make several transactions a day when playing sweepstakes games. 

The Best Crypto Wallet Options that You Have

There are several options for those who are looking for the best crypto wallets to make transactions at online casinos. So, let’s find out more. 

3. Blockstream Green 

Blockstream Green is a popular cloud-based wallet that many players utilize. The best part about this wallet is that it offers you a watch-only option that blocks all the transactions possibly from hackers and allows you to track the current state of your crypto portfolio.

2. Bread Wallet

Best Crypto Wallet

Bread Wallet is among the best crypto wallet options that you have for mobile phones. The best part about this wallet is that it is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can easily link it to your favorite online casino account and start playing exciting sweepstakes slots right away. 

It is a simple yet so effective tool for river slot casino players as the main feature of the wallet is that it allows making seamless bitcoin transactions which is what you will need while you are using crypto gambling platforms. 

3. Mycelium

Another great crypto wallet that you can use to play casino games is Mycelium. It is one of the oldest crypto wallets that came into the scene. A mycelium is a viable option for those who are looking for a secure wallet to play online casino games and make transactions faster. Just like the BRD, this one also supports both iOS and Android. 


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