Who doesn’t love slot machines? They are among the most popular genres in casinos. Regardless of the platform that you pick to enjoy casino games, slot machines are a staple with their unique features. People enjoy slot machines with bonus games because of their flashing lights, high payout potential, amazing jackpots, etc. Also, let us not forget the attractive graphics that make people enjoy a spin on the reels. Below, you can find several reasons why these games got the popularity throughout the years. 

Why Slot Machines with Bonus Games are Popular?

Slot Machines with Bonus Games

According to an estimated number, there are 200,000 machines in only Las Vegas. This number indicates many opportunities to win prizes from slot machines with bonus games. And all the games have an incredible range of available bonuses. People indeed love all kinds of games, but the ones with bonuses draw people’s attention all the time. The prizes or bonuses may differ due to how you win. 

Generally, more juicy features occur in the case of winning big. Therefore, the bonuses differ depending on games in casinos. It would be best if you didn’t search a lot; that’s why we share the list of best slot machines with bonus games in this blog. There are precisely 5 slots in the list we have prepared. It will be much easier to see them all in one place. Let’s check out the top slots with exciting casino bonus games below:


If talking about slot machines with bonus games, the Starburst is the top game we need to mention. As the most successful slot game over the years, it has always been preferred most by casino game fans. This slot game is with the five-reel space theme. Firstly, you start to look for wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4 that get free re-spins in later levels. If you show up sticky wilds on the screen three times, you will win a significant amount of cash that is enough to travel anywhere. That’s why Starbust is considered one of the best slot machines with bonuses.


We continue this list with one of the iconic slot machines of the year. It is an Egyptian-themed Cleopatra slot. If you haven’t heard about or played it yet, most players are hooked on this slot, as it is one of the best slot machines with bonus games. It is a 5-reel, 20-payline featured game that makes it popular. 

Slot Machines with Bonus Games

From the bonus part, there are free spins available in the game. Players can earn free spins around 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier. These features may seem simple enough, but they offer good payouts that make this game worthwhile to play.

Buffalo (Aristocrat)

Another game for our list of slot machines with bonus games includes the Buffalo slot as the legendary one. It is a super volatile game with several 1024 paylines. As a critical point, you can win money quickly in this slot. In addition, it is not difficult to get what you have earned. On the other side, your bank balance can also charge quickly. 

There is a bonus round in this slot game, which is exactly my favorite part of the bonus game. Here you get free spins with a twist. Yes, this feature differs from most slot games in the same line! With the twist, you land on a mega multiplier up to 27x. So be ready for your massive payday if you get the multiplier.

Jurassic Park

The last game from our list of slot machines with bonus games is Jurassic Park. The name is familiar to many, making the slot even more popular. Jurassic Park has lots of great bonus rounds with the nostalgic movie theme. These rounds make the game exciting and rewarding for anyone. One iconic symbol of this online slot game is the DNA of dinosaurs found fossilized in yellow amber. 

It is called a key symbol because it triggers the free spins bonus. While playing, you can randomly get chosen to win free spins bonuses. Each time you get the bonus, you will be awarded 12 free spins. 

After playing this feature, you will pass to the later steps by unlocking the bonus. The fascinating thing about the game is that each bonus round is connected with film footage and animations. These are making the bonuses thrilling.

Final Thoughts on Slot Machines with Bonus Games

Slot Machines with Bonus Games

Casino players mainly prefer slot machines with bonus games due to the bonus rounds and the payout potential that they can get by using those bonuses. These rounds are enriched with free spins. By maximizing such factors, you might as well increase your shot at main jackpot and leave the casino with a big reward. If you are addicted to playing slot games for real money, the slot machines above-mentioned with bonus games are perfect choices. So, go ahead to try them. 

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