In poker, the person with the strongest cards wins. The combinations give different chances of winning. They have names and principles for determining seniority. A professional knows how to assess his strength and calculate what the opponent might have. The article contains all the basic card combinations in poker online real money by seniority in pictures, is easy to print for memorization, examples of bluffing, a section of questions and answers. Visual and complete information for players – an opportunity to confidently start an online poker career.

Poker Online Card Combinations

The most popular casino games in the rooms are Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In these disciplines, the classical rules for forming combinations are applied. Therefore, it is worth considering and remembering the different varieties – with them, learning any other version of the game will be easy.

High card

When a video poker player fails to make a combination, the high card determines the strength of his hand. It isn’t easy to win with it, but with a good strategy, there are always chances. When comparing the participants’ hands, the winner’s highest card is more robust.


A set of two identical denominations. Seniority is determined by denomination: kings are stronger than ten (as an example). This option is often collected, but experienced players can fold it at any time.

Two pairs

More substantial “variation” of the previous combination. Four cards make up two pairs of different denominations. That is a good option, but the board’s rank and situation will determine its strength.

Three of a kind

The term “trips” is also used if 2 out of 3 cards of the same value are on the table, and one is in the player’s hand. Strong combination. In online gambling poker rooms, players who flop a set sometimes go all-in.


Immediately five cards (not of the same suit) are in the “correct” sequence. Then, the strength of the street is assessed by the senior “participant” of the set. For example, straight K-Q-J-T-9 is better than Q-J-T-9-8 due to the king’s advantage over the queen.


Poker Online

Five suited cards. The sequence doesn’t matter. As in the case of a straight, the strength of the combination depends on the most senior “participant” in the set. Flush T-9-5-3-2 loses to flush A-T-5-3-2: an ace is better than ten.

Full House

A potent combination of pair and set (2 + 3). Full House is priced at the face value of a triple. However, in practice, it gives an excellent chance of winning.

Four of a kind

Four of a kind, four cards of the same rank (seniority is also judged). Four of a kind on the flop is almost guaranteed to win the hand quickly (unless your opponents get stronger on subsequent streets). You can be aggressive with four of a kind, but the chances of this combination being dropped are also low.

Straight flush

A straight and flush combination is improbable to be collected. It is even less common for several players to have a straight flush in the same hand. The best set is considered in such a situation, where the highest card is higher at par. A straight flush is the second most robust classic combination in riversweeps poker.

Royal Flush

Most robust variation, king of poker online- a royal flush. That is a ten to ace suited set. The player who has collected the royal flush has a one hundred percent chance of winning.

How the combinations are made

In Texas Hold’em (many poker players start with it), Omaha, Seven Card Stud, includes five cards. And even if the player only has a pair, the other three are selected by seniority.

Example. Texas Hold’em. A poker player with a 3-5 hand on the board 3-T-A-6-K. In this situation, the player’s result is 3-3-A-K-T (a pair of threes with ace, king, and ten kickers).

Kicker – help compare kits to determine the winner. The opponent can also have a pair of threes. Let’s imagine that he also has a lady in his hand. It turns out 3-3-A-K-Q. The opponent wins the hand (ten is inferior to the lady in seniority).

It should be borne in mind that the composition of the sets depends on the rules of the type of poker. In Texas Hold’em, the player can use all cards: two from hand and five from the board. In Omaha, four are dealt with, but only 2 of them can be included in the set (2 + 3 from the board). Therefore, all opponents can have the winning and highest combination in classic poker- royal flush in Hold ’em. That is not possible in Omaha.

Odds and Probabilities

It is impossible to consider all possible layouts, distributions, boards, hands, and situations in one scheme or base. Instead, formulas are used to calculate the player’s chances of winning. For beginners, charts suggest which particular hand in a specific position at the table will have a perspective. Players use them in print or applications to improve their understanding of the situation.

Pot splitting

In poker, there are times when the pot is split between several players after the showdown. This process is called breaking. Situations in which it is possible:

Several rivals have sets of absolutely equal strength.

Side sweat was generated during the distribution.

According to the online casino game’s rules, some types of poker online have high and low combinations, so there are several banks.

Example 1. Texas Hold’em. The player with the hand is A-6, his opponent is with A-3. On the board A-A-Q-T-7. The poker online players have the same combination – a set of aces, the kickers are identical (A-A-A-Q-T). The sweat is divided equally.

Example 2. A poker player puts all-in preflop. His two opponents are raising the stakes. It turns out bank number 1 – consists of three all-ins of the first poker player. His opponents bet on the amounts on top of the all-in form bank number 2. The strength of the hand will determine the winners (owners of both pots).

How to memorize card combinations

It isn’t easy to fix all combinations and meanings in memory immediately. The best way to remember is to play poker online (not for money), practice, and notice different combinations as you go. 

Other schemes and tips:

Poker Online

  • Print a table or photo, hang it in a specific place, or keep it in front of you during the sweepstakes cafe game.
  • Download and install programs with training systems, lists, tips.
  • View free tournament recordings and public videos from poker online schools.
  • Be present near the table during a live game, observe the participants, and listen to the dealer.

In poker online rooms on the Internet, you do not need to prove your victory to your opponents. The site algorithms automatically and in a split second evaluate the sets of participants and graphically highlight the winner. You can see how the person won.


Not all poker online hands go to showdown, but knowledge of the combinations is essential for successful play. Going into a plus, winning, and analyzing the actions of rivals at random will not work. Every professional starts from the basics and applies knowledge in practice more than once.


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