Have you ever thought about winning every round in blackjack online? If yes, this article will help you to pay attention to the details and learn new winning strategies that can take your blackjack skills to another level. We know that it is frustrating to lose consistently in a game that offers the best odds for players. 

With the low house edge that blackjack online has, it cannot be a coincidence to lose on a daily basis. That means you are doing something wrong, whether it can be playing against more experienced players or utilizing a weak strategy. 

Regardless of the issue, you can turn the tables instantly by learning about online blackjack, cheat sheets, and maximize your winning potential by making the best use of the available hand that you have at the moment. 

Probabilities in Blackjack Online

Before we discuss the winning strategies, it is better to explain the nature of blackjack so that you can understand the system easily. Blackjack is a skill-based casino game, and you are playing against the house as well as opponents while trying blackjack. 

Online casinos want you to guess the outcome and throw money left and right so that they can earn more. However, by learning the basic principles and mastering your craft in blackjack, you can actually change the narrative. 

First of all, you need to know the card values and probabilities of winning or losing depending on those values. In the next image, you can clearly observe how different combinations can dictate the value of your hand. 

The best part about the online version of blackjack is that beginners can use extra tools such as strategy cards or cheat sheets until they get used to the main principles of blackjack. If you want to avoid losses mainly derived from your inexperience, take a look at the cheat sheet that we designed for beginners. While you play blackjack online, you can print this sheet out and use it whenever necessary. 

Strategy Sheet for Beginners in Blackjack Online

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Being Attentive is the Key

For the most part, players underestimate this factor. However, sometimes just being more attentive is more important for changing the course of river sweeps games rather than timing the standing or hitting actions. In this regard, you need to focus on the playing field and seek winning opportunities. In the long run, it is almost impossible to outduel the house. 

Though, that does not mean that you cannot win a game or two consecutively. There will be good and bad streaks while you play blackjack. You need to pay attention to the fact that those streaks will eventually end. By analyzing the table, you might make strong guesses regarding this and bet accordingly. 

Do the Deck of Cards Matter?

Most of the time, we hear about card counting and such strategies in online casino forms. It is better to clarify that card counting is not an applicable strategy that you can use while playing blackjack online. 

On the other hand, you are picking the blackjack rooms that use fewer cards in each deck can increase your winning probability. Fewer cards mean a faster pace and more opportunities for players. So, whenever you find a blackjack online casino game that meets these criteria, give it a try. 

What Is the Oscar Betting Strategy and How We Can Optimally Use it? 

As you dive into the winning strategies part about blackjack, you will notice that there are tons of so-called “gurus” who are arguing that they developed a strategy to ultimately beat the house and earn instantly. 

For a fact, blackjack is an internet sweepstakes game of probability, and Random Number Generator systems control it. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to create such a program or strategy that can hack a blackjack table. However, one of the most popular betting strategies regarding blackjack is the Oscar strategy. 

Most players who have tried this method and executed every point perfectly are stating that they have at least one chip during that time. So, what is it all about? There are three key concepts inside the Oscar betting strategy that you need to apply. 

  1. Whenever a player wins a hand, they need to increase their wager by one chip
  2. Whenever you lose the hand, you should wager the previous amount
  3. Eventually, when you win over break-even point, you need to withdraw the amount and start a new game

This strategy allows players to get control over their emotions while playing. Besides that, by utilizing Oscar betting strategy, you can eliminate further losses and limit current ones as well. 

Top 5 Tips to Follow

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You need to be proactive about the sweepstakes game and the table that you choose to play on. If you did not find the right blackjack table game, this would eventually affect the results negatively. For instance, if you are playing a six deck or eight deck blackjack online, you need to ensure that the platform or table offers you a surrender option. 


Avoid using complicated strategies like Martingale, especially if you are a beginner. These types of strategies make you double down on almost every bet, and eventually, if you are not doing it properly, you will run out of money. At this point, it is almost impossible to overcome a losing streak that is caused by the wrong betting strategy that you have employed. 


Contrary to popular belief, staking only lower amounts does not guarantee that you will end up losing less money over a long period of time. For instance, let’s say that you are depositing 20 dollars for every hand at 6/5 paying blackjack tables. In that scenario, you will be at a 2% disadvantage. That means, for every bet, your possible loss per hand would be around 40 cents. 

On the other hand, if you are depositing 100 dollars per hand, you will be on a 0.26 percent disadvantage which will ultimately cost you around 26 cents for every loss. So, over time, it does not really matter how much you bet for diminishing expected losses when you play blackjack. 


Card dealers do not have any positive or negative effect on the outcome. It happens mainly on the land-based blackjack settings rather than the online version. However, it is best to note that dealers cannot control the game whether you are playing real or online blackjack. Instead, they would appreciate your wins more than you think because the only way that they can collect tips is when a certain player wins.


Do not make assumptions based on previous rounds. Whether it is a winning streak or a losing drought, you should not make guesses about what is going to happen next and acting accordingly. Remember that blackjack online is a fully randomized game, and each outcome happens on its own. So, the previous outcomes cannot affect the present or the future ones. 

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