As one of the most popular online sweepstakes genres, bitcoin roulette has been subjected to numerous odd calculations and analyses in the past. The game, for the most part, looks simple and straightforward for players. Therefore, they think it is easy to master online roulette and earn large sums of money in a few days. 

However, the bad news is that winning online roulette or designing a strategy that can help you cash out is not easy. Since the emergence of roulette in land-based internet cafe sweepstakes parlors, players have tried to incorporate strategy and find the formula for success. It seems like online roulette is a type of sweepstakes game that is all about pure luck, or is it?

If you are curious about this question, you came to the right place. Stay tuned for a few minutes because this article will discuss the most common betting strategies and list the pros and cons of each of them. Several sources from experienced players indicate that they have found the fool-proof winning strategy for roulette. 

In this blog, we will incorporate those ideas and share our objective view on each of them. Without further ado, let’s start by listing the most popular bitcoin roulette winning strategies. 

What Are the Most Popular Bitcoin Roulette Strategies?

  1. Fibonacci
  2. Martingale
  3. Reverse Martingale
  4. D’Alembert
  5. James Bond
  6. Labouchere

Is There A Winning Strategy that Works All the Time? 

Bitcoin Roulette

One common misconception that most players have regarding online sweepstakes games is about winning strategies. Keep in mind that the operators of those riverslots parlors are not stupid at all.

They would never offer you a real money sweepstakes game that can be easily beaten through some simple tricks. As the famous saying about these games suggests, the house will always win. 

So, the same rule applies to bitcoin roulette, just like any other gaming genre. Sure, you can incorporate some tricks and get the best results for a few rounds. However, none of the above-mentioned winning strategies can guarantee a 100% win all the time. 

The luck aspect in roulette, in particular, plays a significant role when comparing it with skill-based sweepstakes such as blackjack or video poker. Once the reel is spinning and the ball is thrown at the wheel, it is hard to predict its land. None of the famous winning strategies can tell you exactly which number will come next. ‘

So, do not get hyped just because you employ some winning strategies. However, you should not be discouraged either because, as we already mentioned, some of these strategies can help you to increase the probability of winning a roulette game if applied right. 

Types of Winning Strategies at Bitcoin Roulette

There are several online roulette winning strategies that you can use. Therefore, it is better to categorize them so that you can understand the concept better. We categorized all of those popular winning strategies into two different groups.

In the first group, we will evaluate the strategies that involve the progressive betting method. On the other hand, the second group will consist of strategies that include constant betting. 

Strategies that Include Progressive Betting

Below, you can see the table consisting of examples of two of the most popular winning strategies for online roulette based on progressive betting methods. 

Bet Progression in Each of These Strategies Goes Like This:






















Overall, the winning strategies that revolve around the progressive betting method are about increasing your current bet based on the outcome of the previous roulette round. Martingale is one of the most popular and widely used online roulette strategies. It can be a great example of the progressive betting method. 

As you can see from the image, this strategy is very straightforward. Thus, newcomers to the internet sweepstakes websites can acquire this strategy in a matter of a few days. While you are using this strategy, you need to double the bet after every other round in order to get successful results. 

On the other hand, Fibonacci is a little bit harder to grasp for newbies. By playing online roulette over and over again while using this strategy, you can learn it. It is advisable to watch experienced players who have mastered this strategy before using it on your game table. 

Subcategories of the Progressive Betting Strategies

Progressive betting methods can be divided into two subcategories. They are steep and flat progressive methods. While the strategies such as Martingale, Reverse Martingale, and Fibonacci are considered the steep progressive methods, a strategy like D’Alembert is going to the flat progression subcategory. 

What About Non-Progressive Betting Strategies?

Bitcoin Roulette

The second type of betting strategy that we are going to discuss is the non-progressive betting method. These strategies are mainly focused on keeping the bet range the same throughout the game. Whether you bet higher or lower is up to you.

The key here is to constantly bet that amount without increasing or decreasing the bet regardless of which stage of the game you are in.  

One of the most popular examples for this betting type is the James Bond strategy. Another key strategy that can be considered as non-progressive is the neighbor bet. Through this strategy, players need to bet the same amount on five different numbers that are located next to each other. This strategy was mainly used in French Bitcoin Roulette. 


Are Bitcoin Roulette Strategies Reliable?

For many players, this is the main concern when they try any strategy for the first time. As you are betting with real money, the last thing that you would wish is to lose that amount for nothing. Therefore, you need to know whether or not these strategies are legit. Generally, all the popular bitcoin roulette strategies are designed through complicated mathematical calculations and formulas. 

While considering the fact that these riversweeps games are operated through Random Number Generator systems, it is easy to guess that finding the ultimate winning formula is almost impossible. However, there are a few strategies that are specifically designed for particular roulette types, and they work the best when you employ them when the right circumstances occur. 

Do Online Roulette Strategies Actually Work?

As we already mentioned, none of the popular online roulette strategies can be effective in the long run because the house edge is designed to profit the river sweeps operators. On the other hand, depending on your playing style, you can find some decent strategies that work the best in the particular bitcoin roulette genre. So, the short answer is that it depends on the circumstances. 

What Are the Most Exceptional Bets in Online Roulette?

The best bet is the one that can win eventually in online casino roulette. However, that is almost impossible to find by calculating the odds. Therefore, players who enjoy bitcoin roulette tend to lean towards low-risk bets, and they are considering these bet types as the safest option. 


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