The main object in the gameplay is the keno card which has numbers all over it starting from 1 to 80. There are some variations of the game where you can have 81 numbers on the card as well. The key here is to pick numbers, and if the picks match the drawn numbers, you will automatically win. In most video keno games, you can pick between 5 up to 20 numbers on each card. 

Just like video slots, video keno also has an RNG system involved in the process, which gets activated as soon as all the players pick their desired numbers. So, it is fair and random, ensuring that no one has the edge over the competition. 

How to Play Keno in 5 Steps 

How to Play Video Keno

how to play kenohow to play keno

how to play keno in 5 steps

#1 Finding A Platform to Play In

To learn how to play video keno, you need to first identify the platform where you can play it. There are a variety of options regarding that. Make sure that you pick the reliable one which offers numerous keno variations for players. In BitBetWin, you can play a wide range of video keno as well as other online sweepstakes genres and enjoy a generous welcome bonus that will fill your account up with 20 dollars as soon as you complete the registration process. 

#2 Selecting Numbers From Keno Card

Pick a keno variation that fits your playing style and start the game as you find a reliable sweepstakes site. To start the game, you need to pick numbers ranging from 1-20 and submit your card to see the results after the drawing stage. 

#3 Choose a Bet Amount 

As you complete the first two stages, the next one is about wagering. In Video Keno, you need to pick a wager amount per draw. However, these wagers are not fixed, and video keno allows you to adjust the total bet whenever you want. 

#4 Decide How Many Cards You Want to Pick

In KenoKeno, you can pick more than one card to pick different numbers to increase your chances. At This stage, you need to decide how many cards you want to play with. 

#5 Finalize the Process By Pressing Play Button

As you complete all the above-mentioned steps, you can successfully press the draw or play button to start the game. Whenever your number would be drawn, you will get a chance to win a portion of the initial reward. In Keno terminology, this action is called a catch. 

What Are The Payouts in Video Keno? 

Video keno payouts are different than one another depending on your choice of platform. In one platform, you might get more favorable deals than others, and therefore, it is crucial to do research about the sweepstakes websites, their odds in KenoKeno, payout conditions, etc. 

Most players think that the number of catches is the best metric that shows how much you can win in the internet cafe sweepstakes game. However, that is not completely right. The initial rule of the KenoKeno is to catch as many numbers in a limited card. For instance, if one player picks ten numbers and catches 5 of them, the reward of another player who only picked six numbers and caught 4 of them would be a lot higher. 

Below, we will share a chart that will definitely help you to understand the payout concept in video keno and learn how to play video keno to win real cash. Keep in mind that this chart is applicable for a keno game where players wager 1 dollar per every number they pick, and the highest amount that is available for them is 5. 

Payout Chart For Video Keno

How to Play Video Keno

How to Win at Video Keno? 

As we already mentioned, video keno is a chance-based sweepstakes genre that involves RNG. So, the picks are made quite randomly and there is almost no way to impact those results for players. However, you can still use strategies to increase your chances of hitting several numbers on the Keno card, and here’s how:

Number Selection

The first tip is to pick around 6 and 8 numbers depending on the variation of keno that you are playing. This range puts you in an optimal stage to win. 

Consistent Approach

Another key here is consistency. If you are switching up the numbers every round by getting influence from outside factors, you will not likely win the game at all. 

Payout Awareness

You need to be aware of the payout rules and regulations of the game that you are playing. For finding out info on that, check out the paytable of the riverslot game prior to the start. 

Maximizing On Bonuses

Bonuses are a great way to stay on track even if the actual game results are not pleasing at all. Find out a game that offers great bonuses for you whenever you decide to play video keno. 

Starting Small and Increasing the Bankroll Along The Way

It is an essential strategy for players who want to learn how to play video keno and win real cash. Do not risk all your bankroll in one term and start small while playing this game for better results. 


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