There is a variety of different versions when it comes to an online slot machine. The list includes classic fruit slots, VR slots, multi-reel slots, video slots, 3D slots, as well as online slots that offer 243 ways to win. This article will mainly focus on the last option, and we will try to explain to you the slot machines with 243 pay lines as well as discuss some of the most notable examples for this version. So, without further ado, let’s start by defining the online slot machine games that offer 243 ways to win. 

What are the Slots with 243 Ways to Win?

As we already mentioned, there are some slot machines that provide you with 243 ways to win. So, what does it mean? How do they work? Is the 243 the number of active lines or what? Let’s find out! The slot machines that offer 243 ways to win look like simple slots with a few additions. Instead of specifying the active pay lines in the online sweepstakes games and betting accordingly, you would skip that part while playing these games. 

The game will provide you with 243 different combinations, and as soon as you manage to land one of those, you will earn some rewards. It is a relatively easier way to win, especially if you are playing multi-reel slots that have at least five on five layouts. 

243 Ways to Win

So, why exactly 243? It is simple math, and depending on the number of reels and the rows, this number came out for five reels five-row slots. The possible outcomes of playing these slots and coming up with a winning line are calculated like this: 3x3x3x3x3, so that equation leads us to 243 ways to win slots online. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Regarding Slots with 243 Ways to Win

There are quite a few advantages of playing river slots with 243 ways to win. In this passage, we are going to cover those reasons separately ad then goes on to discuss some of the drawbacks of picking this version. 

First of all, 243 ways to win online casino slot machines allow you to bet the max and get a shot at exceptional rewards. Besides that, these games tend to have a higher return to player rate than classic riversweeps slots and which is why so many players are shifting towards them. On top of all that, these games are paying out more frequently because of the high variance factor. That means you can start winning in a few rounds after starting to play. 

So, what are the downsides of playing these games? The same feature that makes these games so special can become the main downside depending on the player’s perspective. If you play slots for earning big jackpots, you might as well skip these games. As we already mentioned, the high variance of the 243 ways to win slots makes them pay out more frequently. 

Therefore, the prizes are relatively smaller when we compare them side by side with the progressive jackpot slots. However, if you manage to use the bonuses right, you can accumulate quite a bit of cash by sticking to the 243 ways to win slot games. So, the final choice is yours. 

Popular Slot Games that Features 243 Ways to Win

243 Ways to Win

There is a number of popular online slot games that feature 243 different ways to win. This passage will elaborate on that case and analyze some of those games. The first one on the list is none other than the Dark Knight Rises. As you might know, this branded slot game is inspired by the popular Batman movie. 

The Microgaming’s finest river sweeps slot machine title offers you five reels, five rows as well as 243 ways to win. You can deposit up to 10 dollars on each active line while you are playing this game. So, the battle between Bane and Batman will help you to earn real cash rewards sooner than later whenever you pick this game to play. 

The second option on the list is the Thunderstruck. It is a popular game by Microgaming and has a 3 part sequel that fans absolutely love to play. Just like in the first example, this game also offers you five reels and five rows. On top of all that, there are great wild and scatter bonuses that you can check out. 

The last example for the slots that offer 243 ways to win is the Immortal romance. As you might know, the vampire theme was a big part of the early 2010’s pop culture. So, Net Entertainment came out with this slot that features four vampires and four human characters. By lining them up on the reels, you can earn effective rewards in this slot, especially when we consider the availability of 243 different pay lines. 


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