Take on this journey to Help Sulley and Mike to power the city of Monstropolis.

You have probably watched this cartoon movie before. The movie’s main storyline was about the monsters who are getting into the dreams of children to scare them to provide power for Monstropolis. Once Sulley and Mike entered the Boo’s room, the case became even more interesting because they could not quite scare the little girl. Later on, they take Boo to go on an adventure journey in Monstropolis. The Monsters game is as exciting as watching the movie itself. 

For years, online casino developers focused on horror and cartoon based slots because of their high profitability and appeal to gambling audiences. That is not the only reason why this casino slot machine is well known and highly demanded by players. 


Conquer the Child Fears and Earn Monstrous Rewards

There are five reels and three rows in the Monsters game. You need to conquer the child’s fears to achieve great wins to earn real cash prizes. The scary but funny looking monsters will guide you on this journey. There are many innovative casino features that you can utilize to increase your chances at the premium prizes. 

Some of those features include picking a monster and many more monsters. In the first one, you will guess which monster will appear next on the screen and will have a chance to double the initial prize by guessing right. In the Many More Monsters feature, the number of monsters will randomly increase and depending on the number that you get, you will earn multipliers accordingly. 

The Monsters game will definitely change your mind about those creatures as you explore the Monstropolis and have fun with Mike and Sulley on their daily visits to child rooms. 

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